Electoral Literacy Club

An Electoral Literacy Club provides a platform for engaging college students through engaging activities and practical experiences to raise awareness about their electoral rights and familiarize them with the processes of voter registration and voting. These clubs are being established in colleges across India, focusing on new voters aged 18-21 who are pursuing their graduation. The club will include students from all semesters as its members.


To achieve this vision, the Electoral Literacy Club at our college aims to:

  • Educate the target audience about voter registration, the electoral process, and related topics through practical experiences.
  • Acquaint the target audience with Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) systems, and inform them about the reliability and integrity of the electoral process involving EVMs.
  • Help the target audience appreciate the significance of their vote to ensure they exercise their right to vote confidently, comfortably, and ethically.
  • Utilize the potential of club members to spread electoral literacy within communities.
  • Facilitate voter registration for eligible members who have not yet registered.
  • Cultivate a culture of electoral participation, maximize informed and ethical voting, and uphold the principles ‘Every Vote Counts’ and ‘No Voter to be Left Behind.’

By achieving these objectives, the ELC aims to create a well-informed, active, and responsible voter base among college students, thereby strengthening the foundations of our democracy.




Mr.P.Aravindan, AP/Physics

ELC Co-ordinator

Mr.S.Umar Muktar, AP/EEE

ELC Additional Co-ordinator

Mr.A.Bala Murugan

Final year student

Mr.M.Bala Ganesh

Final year student

Mr.S.Jubal Prince

Final year student