Library is a Store – House of Knowledge. The CCET Library established in 2001 had 1000 books to start with. Now the library contains more than 21,000 Volumes. It function from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm in all working days.


  • Books
          Volumes           –  21,250
          Titles                –    4,000
          Spritual Books  –        75
  •  Periodicals
          Jounals                      – 64
          Magazines                  – 11
          Back Volumes            – 5100
          News Papers              – 9
          Non- Book Materials  – 1225(Journals, Books & Projects CD)
  • Reference Materials
          Reference Books   – 875
          Projects                 – 425
          Question Books     – 788

Circulation Section:

        Teaching & Non-Teaching staff & Students are eligible.

  • Students                   –  3 Books will be issued for a period of 10 days with 1 time Renewal.
  • Teaching Staff          –  6 Books will be issued for a period of 4 Months.
  • Non-Teaching Staff   –  3 Books will be issued for a period of 3 Months.

Reference Section:

Good Collection of Books are maintained in Reference Section. Reference Books, Projects, Question Books are considered as a reference Materials.

Periodical Section:

       A Separate Section is available for Periodicals & Magazines. It contains the Back Volumes of Journals & Magazines subscribed from the Library.

Internet Service:

Database search through DELNET.


Inside the Library:

  • Open Access facilities for Textual Documents.
  • Reference Books & Competition Books.,
  • News Papers, Weekly & Fortnightly Magazines.
  • DELNET is available for accessing various Journals, Articles & Periodicals in Science & Technology.

Outside the Library:

  • Lending for Home Study (only for Text Books)
  • Department Libraries.
  • Speciman Copies to Staff.


  • Maintain Silence.
  • While entering the Library Staff & Students should sign in the Gate Register.
  • Use of Mobile Phones within the College campus / Library is banned.
  • Library Cards are not Transferrable.
  • Loss of Library Cards should be reported to the Librarian immediately.
  • Duplicate Cards will be issued on payment of Rs. 25/- after verification.
  • Book Reservation facility is available for users by prior registration.
  • Reference Books can be borrowed for overnight issue.
  • Marking, Writing & Tearing the pages of the books are forbidden.
  • Loss of Library books shall be compensated with a New Book or pay Double the Cost of the Book.
  • All the B.E & M.E Final year (Last Sem) Students should return the Library Cards & Books before getting the No-Due Certificate.
  • Suggestions for improving the Library Services are most welcome.

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