Separate hostels for Gents and Ladies are available. A warden / staff in each hostel is appointed to look after the students as well as to maintain peaceful atmosphere in the hostel.

The hostel inmates must adhere to the time-table formed to suit the convenience of all. Silence must be observed from 8.30 PM to 6.30 AM to provide conducive atmosphere for all to study. No student is permitted to go outside the hostel after 6.30 PM. without the written permission of the warden. Parents are required to give a list of authorized persons or local guardians who alone can be permitted to visit their son / daughter, ward in the hostel. Visitors may meet the students only in the visitor’s hall in the hostel. Students are not permitted to stay overnight in their local guardian’s house.

A hosteller may attend a function at home only after a formal written request from the parent to the Principal. Hostellers are allowed to go home only if the college is closed for a week or more. The students must record the time and date of their departure / arrival before leaving and after arriving at the hostel. No electrical gadgers, musical instrument or motorized vehicles will be allowed to be kept in the hostel. Each inmate is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the hostel, its property and the surrounding area. Any breakage, damage, loss of property to the hostel will be replaced or compensated by them.

Students, who do not pay their hostel dues, found misbehaving, causing nuisance to others will be expelled from the hostel. Moreover, the college reserves the right to withdraw accommodation of any student at any time without assigning any reason for the same.

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