About Us


Department of CSE

In 2015, the CSE department got recognized Research Centre for doing Research work by Anna University, Chennai.
The curriculum of Computer Science and Engineering, framed by Anna University, lays greater emphasis on design principles and development of System Software for operating systems,Database Management Systems,Data mining,Computer Graphics and Networks in addition to design & development of software packages.

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    Department Library

    1. Library is a Store - House of Knowledge.
    2. There is a seperate library in our department.More than 100 books are there in our department library.
    3. Good Collection of Books are maintained in Reference Section. Reference Books, Projects, Question Books are considered as a reference Materials..
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    Computer Lab

    Excellent Lab with 200+ Computers

    1. The Programme has excellent infrastructure facilities with well equipped Computer Laboratories.
    2. The Programme has equipped with 200 Computer Systems.
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    Workshops and Seminors

    1. Frequently conducts seminars covering latest developments like Android, Gloud Computing, Data mining,etc.,.
    2. Technical Symposiums, National level, International level Conferences in the field of Computer Science and engineering by inviting experts from academics and industry for enriching the knowledge of students.
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    Industrial Visit

    Industrial Visit

    1. Industrial Training is an integral part of the curriculum.
    2. In keeping with the spirit of the curriculum the department stresses on nurturing the talent of students for top industries across the globe, and for pursuing higher studies and R&D in National and International Universities.